April 9, 2018

TV has significantly transformed over the last decade from the relatively simple days of traditional broadcast and cable networks to a new world of linear and digital video, distributed and streamed through a multitude of devices, screens and platforms.


This digital evolution has added capabilities to television delivery previously unattainable, and the traditional networks are adapting to and embracing these new digital-based technologies. Despite this evolution, TV's transactional legacy means that buyers and sellers have feet in the old and new worlds. In order to make sense of this dual complexity, a group of TV executives are tackling the challenges of this merged linear and digital world, meeting on a regular basis to discuss workable solutions and a way forward for the entire TV ecosystem.


The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video (FWC) brings together some of the most prominent executives from the TV industry—including representatives from the likes of ABC, ESPN, NBCUniversal and Turner—to discuss ways TV buying and selling can be improved. With more addressable and automated solutions now available within the world of premium video, the FWC is focusing on driving outcomes for marketers and agencies while enhancing the overall user experience.


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