Snapchat Is Making App Install Ads More Targeted With Deep Links

January 18, 2018

Snapchat’s ad-tech pipes are getting a little deeper.

For advertisers that run ads that promote app installs (by prompting users to swipe on the screen to download an app), brands can now deep link their campaigns that prompt consumers to re-engage with specific features of the app.


Used by various app marketers on platforms like Facebook and Google, deep linking is a sophisticated tactic to drive traffic to a specific section by targeting users who have already downloaded and opened an app. For example, a mobile game developer might want to target players once they hit a specific level in the game, or a retailer could spotlight a product page that a user added to a shopping cart but didn’t buy. In other words, marketers are finding new ways to target you based on the apps that you open and play with the most.


App installs have been a big selling point for Snapchat in recent months as the company looks to bring on smaller, mid-size businesses that can purchase ads programmatically through the company’s self-service platform.


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